Your consumer lives in a very noisy world

“At certain times of the day they are being bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages per hour.
We describe that as “very noisy”. 

Drop a Facebook advert or post into that space and be aware that there are 300 million+ new posts created each HOUR! This means that there are over 2 billion social posts now created every HOUR. 

Most mass-market companies operate in this low-signal (rapid, constrained communication) high-noise (lots of other messages) environment. 



“You have the amazing advantage of being able to get alongside your customers physically, for several hours. That gives you a really HIGH SIGNAL (of communication) in a very LOW NOISE environment. That’s why ‘accompanied play’ is the most powerful marketing opportunity in golf”.



In a round of golf you can repeat the same message several times in different ways. And to make the signal even louder you can make the message personal. 

It’s about how equipment can help their game. It’s how changes or improvements to their swing will change their experience.

Your signal is so loud because the message is about them

Now put yourself in a one-on-one coaching space for 45 minutes and there’s NO NOISE.   

In all of these engagements you have the perfect opportunity to add value for the golf club by providing a little more to the golfer: 

How connected is the golfer? 

The more connections a golfer has at the club, the more likely they are to stay as a golfer and retain a membership. If required help to set them up with other golfers.  

How much is the golfer enjoying their playing experience?

What parts of their golfing experience can be improved? Do they enjoy the club events? What part of their game would they most like to improve? When is there next round? What can you do?  

The Retail Marketing Model is critical to anyone selling a car, computer, or anything. If it’s critical to selling a membership, round, set of equipment, or coaching program, then the PGA Professional needs to be placed front and center.

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