Let’s start with some data

The average annual value of a golfer at a pretty standard UK golf club is £2,400. That’s dues and spend at the club. We have the data for about 20 clubs for the last 5 years to help us get to the number. 

The average rate of attrition (loss of members) at a golf club is between 8 and 12%

Here’s what you do

You sit with the Club Manager and select 150 golfers who they believe are low on the participation pyramid. Not often seen at the club. More at risk of leaving. Lower spenders. 

Those golfers are now in your ‘care group’. If the average attrition rate is between 8 and 12%, then we work on the assumption that if nothing was done, at least 15 of that group would leave. You’re going to change that.

You’re going to reach out to, and schedule a 9-hole, fourball with 3 different golfers off that list each week. It’s not a ‘playing lesson’. It’s a chance to build a relationship with each of those golfers. You want that relationship to be one where you’re acknowledged as the golfer’s expert guide.

You want them to leave the 9-holes committed to a journey (playing experience & performance, social connections, and community participation) that will not only increase participation, but create more value for them. 

Then you’re going to measure as much as you can. As a minimum, does the member renew or not?

You reduce the expected losses for that group from 15 to 5 (we proved that you can), then you’ve saved 10 golfers.

Per golfer at £2,400, that’s £24,000. The minimum increased visits you’ll create will top the extra £1,000. Actually, our data shows you’ll add another £10,000.

And, if you’re an independent?

Again, using data from 50+ Professionals, we know that the minimum standard is converting 30 of these golfers into new coaching students. 

And how many will you be able to get into an equipment assessment? How many will now buy their consumables from you? How many can you get to upgrade their footwear? 

It’s more than £25,000

So, it makes sound economic sense to PAY a PGA Professional to look after 150 golfers in a fairly simple way. That’s even before we consider that the benefit is more than £25,000. If you’ve connected those golfers to other golfers and got them to participate, they won’t stay for just one year, they’ll stay for many more years. It seems that £25,000 becomes £50,000, £100,000, £125,000, and even more as each year passes. 

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