Let’s remind ourselves of some data

The average annual value of a golfer at a standard UK golf club is £2,400. That’s dues and spend at the club. We have the data for about 20 clubs for the last 5 years to help us get to the number.

With an attrition (loss of members) rate of between 8 and 12%, that means on average a golfer remains at the club for between 9 and 11 years.

Here’s what you do

You sit with the Club Manager and identify 50 social or active leaders from the membership. If the club wants to grow the under 40s, then make sure there’s a good number of these leaders who’re in their 30s.

This is your ‘care group’ that are going to help you grow the new membership list.

You’re going to reach out to, and schedule 18-holes with each of these golfers and two of their non-member friends. We have format suggestions to make this even more fun because you want the golfers to really enjoy their playing experience on your golf course.

You also want the two non-members to feel that your relationship with them would now allow you to be their personal expert-guide at your club. Someone to connect them to the right people, the right events and activities, with an interest in the value they gain.

Over 50 weeks, you will create new relationships with 100 golfers. That’s golfers who know you care about their value.

How many could you convert into membership? Surely, 1 out of 10?

Per golfer at £2,400, that’s £24,000. But actually, you’ve created a whole lot more than that. 

If on average, each of those golfers stays at the club for 9 years, then that’s 9 x £24,000 = £216,000.

And, if you’re an independent?

It seems obvious that you should be trying to convert some of these 100 non-members into coaching and fittings, and don’t miss the opportunity to convert your 50 social leaders into programs and fittings. 

And, if you do a good job (during the 18-holes, in coaching and fitting) with your membership leaders, they’ll become very vocal advocates. That’s good for business and it’s good for tenure.

The value of a PGA Professional

There are many alternative ways to add new members to golf clubs or to create new relationships between golfers and public facilities. If you would like us to clarify anything, answer any queries, or would like us to present to your management/team the 'value of a PGA Professional in active marketing', please reach out.