"Our marketing mission is to connect the golfer's desire for a better tee shot to your expertise. We know that's the best result for the golfer."

32 golf clubs ran a 10-Yard Challenge (challenging the Pro to add at least 10 yards in 15 minutes to as many golfers as possible). Between them, they sold $18,000 of equipment on the day and, even more importantly, booked 141 follow-up fittings and assessments. They will probably top $50,000 of equipment sold, and lots of additional coaching revenue. 

If you want to sell drivers, there’s an even better ‘active merchandising’ event to schedule.

In this event, on a busy day you set up with a launch monitor on a tee where almost all golfers will be letting rip with their driver. After each golfer has hit their shot, give them their numbers and make an ‘expert’ observation about the improvement that optimizing their numbers would give them. What you want to do, is book golfers in for a future driver assessment. From 72 golfers, our previous results indicate that on an average day you ought to book 20 golfers into future assessments and that 11 of those will lead to new driver sales.

It helps if as many of those golfers pass through the day with an understanding that each of them will have a combination of spin rate and launch angle that should match their ball speed. Their personal Launch DNA. 

Given the success that some of our customers have had with this event, we’ve reformatted the content so that it's fresh and new. If you’re a customer, look out for it in your Fitting and Technology Library. 

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