"One of the most important steps in inspiring a customer is helping them understand exactly where they are with a particular skill."

Last year, fourteen clubs ran a discount promotion on wedges and sold 22 wedges in the month of the promotion. Four clubs decided they’d rather run a “discovery” event and sold 97 wedges in 21 days. 

Even better, the clubs all had packed fields and a packed evening bar afterwards, as a result of the ‘event’ the Professionals staged. 

This is a pop-up active merchandising event on the final hole. The short-game championship can be run as a 9-hole event (that allows you to have two 9s running simultaneously) or an 18-hole event. The tee box for each hole is set to present a short-game challenge.

However, on the closing hole, in front of the clubhouse, the flag is at the back of the green and the tee box is a straight 40 yards to the flag. The Professional is set up with a launch monitor. There is a 5m and 1m radius around the hole.

Each golfer playing through takes their shot. The Professional then provides them with the data (spin and launch) from the launch monitor and a very short analysis of what they observed. Each golfer gets a second try-out with a new wedge. The Professional gives them their reading highlighting any improvements in spin rate and launch.

The 5m and 1m targets around the flag not only facilitate the opportunity for a little flutter (we have suggestions on how to sell 100 dozen golf balls), but will provide real performance feedback to the golfer.

The Professional has a combination of performance and data benchmarks, along with a technique observation, which they then can add to the potential improvement that can be made to a scorecard, to persuade the golfer to book in for either a “wedge assessment” (if they want to sell wedges) or “short-game assessment” (if they want to sell coaching). 

We’d really recommend that you publish a stream of communication promoting the benefits of better short-game control and performanceTo any of our customers, we’d recommend the above as an event to run late afternoon, evening of a spring / summer weekday to give your golfers a great reason to fill the field for the club, with all the beneifts that the halo effect brings. 

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