Atlantic Beach Country Club

“RetailTribe has helped us ensure that our members are kept up to date with all that’s happening at the Club. They are extremely efficient and a pleasure to work with. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to others and are very pleased with the service they provide which is now integral to our membership.”


“I have been with RetailTribe for 12 years at 3 different clubs and on 2 continents! The first thing I did when moving from one club to the next was create a RetailTribe weekly newsletter. Communication to your members is absolutely key and if done weekly it really keeps your members abreast of what’s happening at the club, even if they are at the other side of the world, they still are reassured that things are moving in the right direction at home. Over the year the RetailTribe team have been extremely helpful and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any professional in the industry.”

Country Club of Lincoln

“RetailTribe has been fabulous to work with over the last 5 years. Member engagement at the Country Club of Lincoln continues to soar higher each year and they are big part of our success! Tremendous product and at an incredible value!”

De Zalze Golf Club

“We absolutely love the company! We’ve signed up with RetailTribe just over 2 years ago and since then they’ve helped us to systematically build our database. The professional team is a great help with regards to all our communication and marketing needs - they are just a click away for ANYTHING! I trust them completely to always deliver on time.”

Dee Forsberg

“My experience with RetailTribe has been incredible and transformed my lesson business with their turn key marketing services and unparalleled support and service. Marketing is no longer an overwhelming chore. I have a professional marketing staff in my back pocket that consistently knocks it out of the park with a beautiful web site, engaging email campaigns, and fun social media posts. Choosing RetailTribe was the best decision I have ever made in the golf business.”

Durbanville Golf Club

“RetailTribe have tremendously helped us develop a professional persona within our club and the online community. They are always willing to help and are extremely friendly and lovely to work with.”

George Golf Club

“We at George Golf Club have been using RetailTribe for many years for the compilation and distribution of our weekly newsletter to our members. They are exceptional, not only with their presentation but also for their attention to detail and professional friendly assistance.”

Kandi Comer

“RetailTribe allows me to focus more on my students and growing my business and less on trying to put together effective marketing material. Their ideas are fresh and their design work is sharp. The RetailTribe team is responsive and collaborative. Thanks to them, I have one less thing on my to-do list every week.”

King David Mowbray

“I have been involved with RetailTribe since the start. Not only have they helped grow my business by making my members more aware of what I have to offer in my shop and on the lesson tee, they helped establish a close relationship and dialogue between us based on the content in our weekly mail, making sure the members see me as the person to go to under all circumstances. Their content is fantastic and personalized to compliment me and the brands I stock. They constantly encourage and advise me on how to sell myself and interact with customers in ways that I might not normally consider, to my benefit, thanks to their experience gained by being a global organization. I would never consider not being a part of the RetailTribe group.”

Kingswood Golf Estate

“The RetailTribe team always goes beyond and above to assist us no matter what. We are extremely happy with their service and would recommend them to everyone!”

Metropolitan Golf Club

“RetailTribe has been a huge success in The Metropolitan Pro Shop! With the click of a button, our members are updated on important information at the club, new items in our shop, and weekly competition results! The ladies we work with are always prompt in getting the newsletter out the same day the content is mailed to them, and they even add clever headings and golf advertisements to spice things up a bit! RetailTribe is quick, efficient, and highly recommended!”

Mount Edgecombe Golf Academy

“One of the most professional and innovative companies I have dealt with in my 25 years a PGA Professional. They continue to promote my profile and business on an awesome platform and I receive compliments every week from my clients. Thank you, RetailTribe.”

Omeya Golf Club

“Being a new golf estate, RetailTribe went out of their way to help us become a sought after golf destination. Without them, we would not have achieved our goals. I would highly recommend them to all.”

Portsmouth Golf Centre

“RetailTribe helps us to communicate our message in the 'Digital World' so that we can concentrate on delivering our message in the 'Real World'. We wouldn't be without them!”

Pretoria Country Club

“Since its inception RetailTribe, with its skilled and extremely helpful staff, has enabled me to communicate with my club members on a weekly basis thereby keeping them abreast of club matters as well as products available in the shop. This newsletter is now a vital tool in our marketing and something the members look forward to every week.”

Russley Golf Learning Centre

“The Team at RetailTribe are Sensational - Their passion and drive to help us grow our business has made the journey so far an exciting one! Seeing massive growth in our first year working with RetailTribe has been fun, and has also helped us become leaders in our region. Communication is simple and effective, even though they a based on the other side of the world. We highly recommend setting up that first skype call to discuss your needs and exploring all the opportunities that await you.”

San Lameer Country Club

“RetailTribe has taken communication to my homeowners, members and guests to the next level. It feels like I have a whole marketing team, dedicated just to me. The staff are extremely professional and always willing to assist. I rate their service a 5 out of 5.”

Scratch Golf

“RetailTribe has made us relevant. They’ve given us a voice in a market that’s all about sharing and connecting with golfers. Over the past few years we’ve seen the impact of effective and honest communication and we are truly grateful to have them as a partner. Golfers need to know that we care and that we love what we do. RetailTribe allows you to shout that across the world.”

South West Rocks Pro Shop

“Our Pro Shop, South West Rocks, has been using RetailTribe for over 4 years and we can't speak highly enough about them. We find RetailTribe to be at a very high standard and very professional. Our golfing members look forward to each week, when the receive their weekly newsletters which is full of useful information to improve their golfing game. RetailTribe will take your business to the next level.”

St Francis Links

“RetailTribe and St Francis Links have been “education and communication” partners for years. My newsletter data base reaches beyond my membership to friends and colleagues around the world. I keep them abreast of happenings here on a weekly basis and the team from RetailTribe make them more enthusiastic golfers through the inclusion of their inciteful programmes, educational and technical contributions.”

Zwartkop Country Club

“The whole team at RetailTribe is a pleasure to work with and no job is too small. They are passionate about what they do and deliver a great service that is both practical to use and innovative. PGA professionals - and golf clubs - owe them a great debt for raising their profile within the industry. It’s hard to believe that not every golf club is making use of them.”