$1,000 an hour

Here is the data from the powerful Reveal the Lie success story, where Professionals at 20 golf clubs decided to use a Saturday to engage with their morning crowd.

We have a playbook for an engagement called Reveal the Lie.

It's designed to create a conversation between the Professional and each fourball that passes through a Par 3. It's also an opportunity to convert golfers into a later fitting or swing assessment.

“The PGA Professional stations themselves on a busy Par 3 with a regular wait time. With them, they have a Lie Angle board and tape. Each fourball is a conversation and an opportunity to check lie angles.

Data shows that even where time might be tighter, two golfers will take the test. The Professional books anyone interested into a club check or, based on what they see on the tee, a swing assessment. The playbook has an additional angle that allows Professionals to sell 100 dozen golf balls at the tee on the day. But that’s a bonus”.

20 clubs each ran the playbook for an hour – they could have even run it for longer. Here were the results across all 20 clubs:

(a) 528 lie angles were checked.

(b) 110 of those engagements resulted in a booking for a later club check or swing assessment. That’s a 20% conversion rate.

(c) $34,155 were made in equipment sales and $12,270 in coaching revenue, totaling $46,425.

That’s $88 per lie angle check ($46,425 ÷ 528). So, at $88 per lie angle, if you check just two lie angles from each fourball, and see just six fourballs in an hour, that equals $1,056 per hour ($88x2x6).

Yes, engagements like ‘Reveal the Lie’ generate equipment sales and coaching revenue, but just as importantly they’re the PGA brand-in-action.

If you stick with it for four hours, that’s a lot of touchpoints with regular golfers where your PGA skill is front and center of the conversation. The consumer experiences the value that your unique PGA skill brings to their playing experience. And, with a little pre-work using the customer event calendar, you’re able to book people into future events while you’re at it. A great win for the club.

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