What a result. What a great story!

We took 11 clubs and implemented an “Active Customer Management” (ACM) model at each club for all of 2019. 

In an ACM model, each PGA coach is allocated between 90 and 120 golfers who they are going to actively care for throughout the year. The results we were looking for were improvements in the retention and increased participation and spending by those members.  

The PGA Professionals involved delivered benefits into the millions of dollars to their golf clubs. 

Before we detail exactly how much benefit, let’s expand on how the professionals delivered those benefits.

The Manager and Membership Director allocated to each professional a list of members who they were concerned about. These were golfers they thought were ‘at risk’, ‘occasional’, or 'not well connected’.


Over the next six weeks, the coach calls each of the golfers on their care list and converts them into an engagement: accompanied play, swing assessment, or a cup of coffee. 


Trust relationship
We want the member to see the coach as their ‘expert guide’.

Personal plan
Formulate a strategy to create a better social and playing experience.

Coaching program
We want to see as many members as possible converted into coaching.


In their role as the ‘expert-guide’, the coach stays connected to each golfer in their care group, regularly evaluating the progress and plan with each member.

Along the way systems help to create and promote other ACM engagements, 

And tracked who had and hadn’t been engaged, managed coaching programs and bookings, and monitored activity and spend.

The results shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

The different clubs had various club management systems, but we set out to measure the following:

Improved Attrition

Measure the loss or resignation (attrition rate) of golfers in care groups, and compare that to the club’s 2018 attrition rate AND the attrition rate of those NOT in a care group at the club.

Dues saved for 2020

In 8 cases, we were able to determine the value of the improved attrition.  

Spend increase 

Did the members in the care group increase their spend vs. 2018?



Every club below succeeded in getting at least 25% of their members into a care group managed by Professionals. 

Spectacular reductions in attrition. Note the clubs where the course had obviously been closed for an extensive period causing large attrition numbers, and then compare that to the attrition percentage for the care group. 

$1.8 million in dues saved

At 8 of the clubs, we were able to calculate the actual value of dues saved. This was calculated by determining the number of golfers saved and then multiplying that by the average dues rate. $1.8 million in dues for just one year. This is conservative because we could justifiably speculate that a member saved for one year is saved for several years.

Increased spend

There’s no surprise that the spend of golfers in the care groups increased in 2019 vs. 2018 when you consider that those members made over 20,000 more visits to the club in 2019 vs. 2018. So the golfers in those care groups ended up spending over $ 300,000 more in 2019 vs. 2018. Note: this excludes additional coaching revenues.

Ian James, Retailtribe

“We are passionate about our belief that the PGA Professional can be the engine for growth in the golf industry. These results prove it without any measure of doubt."

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