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The PGA of America Member.

World-class marketing

As a member of the PGA you qualify for our Player Development marketing solution and platform for just $120 a year. That's only $10 a month.

More golfers, more coaching

We provide you with campaigns aimed at growing the game. Our content is designed to create more golfers and increase your revenue.

Your digital platform

Establish an online presence through your personalised platform which allows you to communicate and inspire your database, fans, and followers. 

This could be you.

Welcome to your online platform.

Content marketing, redefined.

It’s all about transforming the digital connection into a real-world one. 

You have access to our web, email and social content, designed to inspire readers to come down to your club, range or facility in search of a better playing experience or the chance to learn this great game. Your readers not only learn who you are, but trust what you tell them.

We're committed.

“We’re very committed to, and excited about this partnership. This is an opportunity to support our members by helping to fill not just initiatives like Junior Camps and Junior League, but also to educate the parents and golfers on the power and importance of the American Athlete Development Model and how that is exploited by coaches to create positive learning experiences.”

How does it work?

Here's what we do.

We get in contact with you in order to understand your operation, responsibilities and needs, and any other details necessary.

With all the information gathered in step 1, we build and personalize your platform.

We introduce you to your platform. You’ll learn all it’s functions and how to utilize them in such a way that builds your business.

We’ll get your approval on the first campaigns and content, and then we’ll start the communication through email, the web, and your social platforms?

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