Introducing your first month

The most important messages we want to provide to your customers in their first month are:

It is so important in the first month to secure the “approval” of your reader, fan, or follower. 
Each of these emails encourages your reader to “contact you”.
That’s our ambition for you. More golfers reaching out to engage with you.  

Provided that you’ve linked your social accounts and set “auto-posting”, 
each week a post will be automatically added to your feed.

Ahead of each month we send you a Campaign Overview that explains what content is coming; 
the purpose; with links so that you can preview the content.

You know that sometimes the most powerful marketing is engagement between you and your golfers. 
Running a fun event or skills challenge (that creates activity at your facility) 
offers you the chance to start conversations that lead to golfers investing in improvement.

You never HAVE to run an event. They’re optional, but they’re all proven. 
Each one we suggest has been trialed and is proven to create powerful engagements and additional sales leads.

Seth Godin says that you need to be consistently present. 
He describes how the best marketers are those who communicate an inspiring message at least once a week.