You are your communities’ #beaconofhope

You should be reminding people of what they love about the game – find the good memories, and then find ways to nourish that into inspiration and hope for an even better experience as we come out of this. Below you will find ideas from all over the world to help encourage your community to find ways to still experience the game. 

This page will update daily and we will be here to serve you every step of the way.


Metropolitan Golf Club has embraced storytelling. A weekly comical story from the members themselves will be shared with their community to share positivity and joy during these difficult times. You can do the same!

Click below to see exactly how they have done it…
Las Colinas Country Club has taken the extra step to become the beacon of hope in their community. Family Packages To-Go are now available. Click on the link below to watch how they do it! Be your community's beacon of hope and support your members / golfers during these difficult times.
A transaction might get you $20 NOW. But building a relationship can get you $100,000 over a lifetime. Put the customer first. Figure out WHAT THEY WANT. That’s the REAL transaction.

Read the full article below…
One engagement with a golfer is NOT a ‘Journey’. A'Journey' is for LIFE… read the entire article on how you become the expert guide in your community.
For the juniors in your community - they will love this idea and be able to spend hours practicing! Share this with your community and be the #beaconofhope. Read the article to see how exactly to run this…

Picture of the day

Alan White at Lanark GC has started a movement. Every day he is posting a picture of what his members can look forward to when they return. It will remind everyone about WHY they are a part of the Lanark GC community and offer everyone the opportunity to send THEIR best photo of the club.

Be in it to win it - putting contest

Richard Conwell at Shorewood Country Club has started an ONLINE contest. If anyone from his community can make 10 putts IN A ROW from 5 feet and catches it all on video - he will award them with a sleeve of golf balls.

Even the smallest gesture will have an enormous impact during this time and on top of that, it will make your golfers better putters!
Can your golfers still drop their clubs off or could you even do a social safe distance lie angle check? Read the entire article below...
Michael Balderstone from Balderstone Sports Institute is showing his community how to train from home. You can do the same. Be the Beacon of Hope in your community and help your golfers get ready for the season. Read Michael's special mail below...

Game Night and Golf

Who said a family game night and indoor golf couldn’t be combined? Phillip Eyre has done just that! He has provided the idea of how to play the beloved Tic-Tac-Toe using a golf ball and a putter! Additionally, he has asked his community to share family pictures from their game night so the entire Hollow Brook Family can stay connected and socially engaged in these difficult times.

Be the Beacon of Hope in your community and spread the joy.
Experience how effective and caring a personal call from you, their professional, can be for your members. They absolutely LOVE it, yet you want to make sure you ask the right questions… read below and experience how it all started for Matt Anzalone, Director of Golf at Gainey Ranch Country Club, when he started asking the right questions.
Apart from Face to Face communication, storytelling is the most powerful marketing tool and no one does it better than Dale Hayes. In a time with no golf tournaments to report on, Dale is a Beacon of Hope to his readers and his community. He shares exciting golf stories that promote positivity and joy.

Take a look at his Golf Chat this week. Maybe even start your own?

Indoor Tips & Drills

Phil Eyre at Hollow brook Golf Club has started a series of indoor putting tips and drills with his community. A welcome distraction for his golfers during these difficult times.
Not allowed to have people at the Prizegiving? No problem! Kevin at Pecanwood does it over video. Check out his innovative and FUN way of presenting it.
There is no better time to build strong and loyal relationships. Relationships have an impact on retention and activation as long as you reach out to the 'correct' people. To find out who they are… read below. Be proactive, take control, now is the time.

Let's get creative… DIY Home Holes!

DIY and create a hole in your garden or home. Promote the short game and share a few tips on how to become a short game wizard - it will inspire your members and golfers to create a hole themselves and start practicing. Promote the opportunity for online short game programs and classes in order to support your community.

The communication to your community could be: 'Let's see how creative you can get and send me a video of your ‘home’ short game?'

We all still want to see it drop…

Have you all seen the cups being lifted out the hole and when you touch it it’s considered holed? Imagine you are about to get your first hole-in-one and that happens… Devastating for the golfer!

Mount Edgecombe Country Club suggested this simple idea to help the courses that are still open. Cut a piece of PVC pipe and place the flagstick through it. The ball still drops in the hole but it makes it much easier to pick the ball out with only two fingers.

Is there a better time to clean your clubs?

Some, or in worst-case scenario, ALL of your golfers and members might be stuck at home. What better time to give their clubs a proper clean & polish. Why not shoot a video on how to best clean a club (see example above)? Afterward, ask your community to share a pic of their shining clubs and grips and in return, you’ll give them a free lie angle check.

An easy way to keep engaging with your community in these difficult times.

Keep engaging… even when your course is closed.

Jay Mull at St Clair Country Club keeps his members updated with frequent video updates. With the course being closed they took advantage of doing some maintenance work. Jay simply shares those course updates in quick 2 minute videos.

Short videos keep your members & golfers engaged and inspired to hit the course when it opens.

Daily Shop Specials

Send a broadcast every day with a different offer. Members & golfers can then email you to buy the item and you put it aside for them to pick up when the club opens again. It keeps the cash flow going and creates an online shopping experience.
Is your shop closed or very low on customers coming to the shop? Create a page ONLINE with all your items so people can enquire about it whilst sitting at home. Michael Henning at Worthing Golf Club did just that. Take a look here.

Walking Leagues

John Barret at TPC Sugarloaf is introducing a daily 9-hole Walking League. Everyone that comes out and walks 9 holes during the day can hand in their scorecard with their score. He has a daily leaderboard and a running order of merit.

Beat the Cabin Fever

Communicate with your golfers that your practice facilities are open and that it is a good idea to come out and work on their game during this time. You can also offer time frames when you or your coaches will be on the practice ground to provide tips.

Have a Daily Webinar

Invite your members to a Daily Webinar where you cover a different topic (Rules, tips, how to play the course etc.) each day. It will allow your members / golfers who can’t get out to still feel connected to their community. It allows you to stay engaged with your community and be their Beacon of Hope. ZOOM is a great tool to use for this type of interaction.
Kyle Morris at The Golf Room in Ohio is ahead of the curve. First of all, go follow 'The Golf Room' on Instagram and Facebook. His ideas are innovative and it’s all about the customer.
A brilliant idea is ‘FaceTime me coaching’. Watch it below.
Nick Muller is a beacon of hope at The Country Club of Lincoln. Posting a short video like the below to explain the current situation at the club, showing the golf course is a safe place to be, makes all the difference to the community.

If you any ideas, stories or innovative initiatives that you would like to share with other Golf Clubs and Professionals around the world, we would love to hear from you. 

Let us support each other and get through this together.