You are your communities’ #beaconofhope

You should be reminding people of what they love about the game – find the good memories, and then find ways to nourish that into inspiration and hope for an even better experience as we come out of this. Below you will find ideas from all over the world to help encourage your community to find ways to still experience the game. 

This page will update daily and we will be here to serve you every step of the way.


Your role has an impact on how you deliver something that is priceless, the golfers experience. Are you creating a better experience or are you running a golf operation. Read the article to see how this affects your role.
With your consumers right in front of you, you can find out exactly what they need or want to improve their golfing experience. Use that huge advantage to your advantage.
Now is the best time to ask your golfers about their experiences on the course.
David Lorentz from the National Golf Foundation gives us some crucial advice regarding getting ex-golfers out on the course again. Read the article to find out what it is.
Returning golfers tend to focus on the cost playing golf, but that's why we must ask a follow up question.
An area you can focus on to help retain golfers is their experience, but how do you find out about their experience?
A customer care model could be all you need to help retain those new golfers.
Retaining these new customers can often come down to a single point, and it has to do with their environment. Find out what we mean by reading the article.
In order to understand how we can retain these new customers, there are three areas we can look at to help us do a better job. Find out what they are by reading this article.
With everything changing around us, it is important to understand how these external factors can help you retain these new customers.
With the focus on retaining the new golfers, we tend to focus on what we need to do, but we tend to lose focus on the most important point. Read this article for more information.
With the influx of new golfers, who has the responsibility to increase the retention of these golfers?
Marketing is always based on the golfer. It’s about a human being and how they feel about the game.
Your relationships with your golfers will be the edge you need to overcome your challenges.
Although read rates and click rates are important, are you joining the right dots to create more engagements with your readers?
Building your relationship with your golfers is as easy as starting a conversation through experience.
Take a look at this list and see what you are doing, and what you could do more to help reach your goals as a retailer.
As the expert in your field, you should be reaching out to your golfers to provide them with guidance.
With the use of 'customer data' a hot topic right now, should we be using customer data better?
What is your responsibility as an influencer?
Does “influencing” a golfer to upgrade their driver challenge an ethical boundary?
You have the opportunity to influence hundreds to thousands of golfers, how are you meant to influence them?
Inspire your members with marketing that is 'priceless'
In the age of miss-information, that ‘expertise’ or ‘testimony’ has become more critical than ever before.
Our customers are evolving, and we see that sales are no longer about the product. 97 wedges in just 21 days. Find out more here.
COVID didn’t change the world. It had already changed, and you stand to benefit from it.
So here’s a statistic we’ve got from 10 years of connecting more golfers to their expert-guide.
Think about how your content can reach that base of the pyramid and the types of content that will get them excited about improving their game.
It is important for your content to appeal to the 60+% of golfers who aren’t at the top of the pyramid.
Communication often focuses on Barry Brand, Larry League, and Ambitious Andy, but what about Monthly Mark and Cheerful Carla?
Does segmentation mean we should segment our database, or should we rather focus on our proposition for the various segments within our membership?
The PGA Jr League have been using this funnel for years already with the LTADM model
The upside down pyramid turns into a funnel as we move further down towards the tipping point.
How many of your events on the calendar can benefit your lady golfers?
Creating fun and social events optimises the upside-down pyramid, because no-one wants to miss out
We know that we need to keep everyone in mind when running a club, but not everyone may want to conform to Traditional Teds' imposed constraints.
Celebrating ALL your golfers. If we can think like this, then everyone wins in our industry.
Change the way you look at your golfers, and the flood will continue.
Don't let pyramid thinking inhibit your view of the flood of rounds we are experiencing.
In so many different ways, golf operates on a ‘pyramid’ status model. Where are the surge in rounds coming from at the moment?
Your members live in a world changing dramatically, and that is opening up opportunities that you can exploit.
With some people reclaiming 12-15 hours of free personal time, now is the time to reach out to them.
Time is the most precious commodity for working parents, how can you provide value for them?
The world we live in today is drastically changing. Your golfers might have an extra 240 minutes per day… what are you doing with them?
Have you thought about how your golfers have changed over the years, and more importantly, now?
We can learn so much from Ken Morton, Sr. He showed us personally how Active Customer Management made a difference.
Aligning your goals and activities with your instructional staff is more important than you think.
The engine of growth in the golfing industry lies on the PGA Professional, find out how by reading more.
Mike O'Donnell reminds us that Coaching is NOT Player Development
Running a seemingly unusual event could be the turning point your club needs.
Ryan Kennedy has the recipe to member retention.
Peter Myers and Michael Heisterkamp have led the way in using viral marketing to gain memberships
21 wedges and several short-game coaching programs by putting the equipment in the hands of golfers. Learn more.
Scott's Active Customer Management system guided our mode. Thank you Scott! Read more here.
If we understand the potential of a PGA Professional, the opportunity for golf is enormous.
Signal VS Noise, The Science of Persuasion and the Oil and Gas industry… It all comes together.
Make the most from your marketing opportunities. Uninterrupted face to face time with a potential client.
Do you feel like you have the knowledge to deliver more members to the club?
If you were asked how you would increase membership at the club, what is your plan of action?
Do golf Pros make all the difference, or are we looking at the business of golf from the wrong perspective?
Has the 'business of golf' forgotten what their main asset is, as well as how to best nurture that asset?
The Oil and Gas industry are not so different from the golf industry after all. Find out how the comparison can help you understand the ‘business of golf’ even better.
How is the Oil and Gas industry different from the golf industry and how should we think about being ‘business experts’?
What exactly does this phrase mean to you? Read the article and please share your understanding of the phrase.
Mike Johnston converted 18 golfers into 23 future engagements; coaching, fitting, accompanied play, etc. Most importantly, those 23 future engagements don’t just serve as engagements, they enhance …….. do you know it? Find out below
How a 3-minute engagement from behind the counter, versus a 3-minute engagement on the range, can make the world of difference. Learn more about Lovemarks and how respect and love can enhance your business.
Jennifer Bermingham and her team at Coto de Caza created spectacular results in a matter of just a few hours. Read the full story below
The online world is full of value, however, the impact you can make in real life is incredible. Just take a look at the numbers below!
They all need business just as you do yourself. You just happen to have lots of customers right in front of you on most weekends, but how do you take advantage of it?
We see two categories of content scheduled by professionals. One category outperforms the other. Which category are you in?
Rank from 1-10 the items that will inspire your golfers the most. Education yourself and take this little exercise
Golfers don’t magically show up wanting to improve. They have been inspired by someone or something. If we as an industry can embrace that thinking and start to inspire - you will see a positive change to your business. Read more below
If you want to grow your business, you need a clear strategy and a vision. In order to achieve that, you need to answer some powerful questions. See them below.
To grow your business, you need to understand your sales funnel. What does yours look like?
"Understaffed", "more customers", "not enough time". We hear it and we feel you! In golf, operations are mandatory and necessary in order to run a golf club. Successful businesses also have operations, however, they also have business development.
Today, the word ’survive’ has multiple perspectives. As it relates to COVID but also as it relates to your financial position. We hope for the best and aims to have the industry understand the value you deliver in order for you to survive and thrive. Read more below
Golf is back and golf is pumping. You got more work to do and less staff to do it, however, you mustn’t forget about your golfers. Be cautioned not to forget about them.
No-one is having it easy in these times. We urge you to please keep going. Please don’t stop but rather reflect on the changes and start asking yourself the right questions. Find them below
Please know that our thoughts are with you, and if there is anything we can do, please let us know.
The initial response to a consumer enquiry makes a huge difference to conversions. Learn how to master the initial response. Watch the video now….
The last two principles of Dr. Cialdini’s 6 principles of persuasion. Principles that have been used for the last 60 years and are embraced by companies in our physical world (face-to-face and Digital) to grow and be successful.
Another two principles of persuasion. Influence, inspire, and persuade your community to see you as their expert guide. Read the article below
Dr. Robert Cialdini wrote the 6 principles of persuasion 40 years ago. The principles are relevant today and utilized by successful companies and individuals in both the physical and online world.
Do you believe you have to be a salesperson in order to be successful? We don’t. Check below how to maximize your business and don’t feel like being a sales person.
Together, we can create the most powerful sports model and it all starts with YOU. The only question that remains: ‘are you ready?’. Read the full article below
The statistics speak for themselves. See below how 10,000 PGA Professionals could affect the industry. From sales to vendor relationships. We have an opportunity ahead of us. Go grab it
Could you and your network help save golf in your region or even in your country? You might not think so, however, there might be a solution if we all come together. Read the article and find out how
How could you possibly generate 250.000 rounds in just one day? The math is very simple. Read below to find out how.
Imagine if all professionals had a network of 500 golfers, how many would that be? In the world, in your country, or even in your city? The power of a network is your greatest opportunity.
The influence you have impacts the entire golf club and the bottom line. As a General Manager, Director of Golf, Head Professional, or Assistant, please take a few minutes to see how you could influence your club and your community.
How large is your network? How much control do you have over that network? Important questions to answer. Read more below
The physical and digital world has been combined to a new word: ‘Phygital’. How is your ‘Phygital’ world looking? Learn more below.
What are your plans for the next three months? Is it back to ‘NORMAL’ os is it back to a ’NEW FUTURE’? Don’t close your eyes - opportunities are right in front of you. Read the full article below.
The world is changing and so is consumer behavior. In order to effectively communicate with your community, you need to understand them. As their personal guide, you deliver more value than what you think. Connect, engage, and create a better future for your community and for yourself.
What human skills do you embrace and what areas might need improvement? Listening, empathy, conceptualization, and many more. Find out more in the article.
In order to sell a ‘journey’, you need to make sure you conceptualize it. Read more below
Are you seen as ’the golf coach’ or are you seen as ’the expert guide’? A coach tends to solve challenges in the moment; an expert guide tends to create lifetime journeys for their customers. Who are you? And who would you rather be? Read below to find out more.
As a Golf Professional, your ’sales funnel’ looks slightly different. Once you understand how it looks, your conversations with your community will become so much more valuable to them. Find YOUR funnel in the article.
If you want to sell sand wedges, what do you do? Are you standing behind the counter or are you in the bunker with the golfers? Where is your focus? Read more below.
Some questions are better than others. Check below to find out what questions to ask to enhance your engagement opportunities
The tipping scale is tipping in your favor! Make sure you understand your advantage and how you are in favor of the consumer. Don’t wait, read it NOW…
Today’s Thoughtful Friday on a Wednesday challenges you to answer the most important questions. The correct answers will tip the scale in your favour. Read more below…
On-course retailers NOW have more influence than ever. Read the article and find out how you can embrace more influence over your consumers.
The post-coved consumers want one-to-one. They want safety, comfort, and personalization. And no-one does a better job of creating very personal experiences. NOW is your chance. Create engagements and record sales, but don’t wait for it to happen. Grab the opportunity that lies in front of you.
This article features Las Colinas Country Club in Texas. A Professional team that picked up the Thoughtful Friday idea from two weeks ago. How embracing members and using their human skills have created multiple engagements, lessons and established a vibrant community. Read the full article below… this could easily be you, your team and your club.
Social media can be a ’noisy’ forum, yet effective. The important question becomes: do you track your conversion from your posts or do you post 'just to post’? Social media is such a powerful tool when used correctly. Follow our Thoughtful Friday articles to learn more.
Members and golfers don’t want lessons. It’s a commonly used phrase. If you don’t change your perspective and mindset that statement will forever be true. However, if you manage to change your mindset and approach, you will see your lessons increase. Contact us for more information. #beaconofhope
If you had to change your title, what would it say and why? Read the article and see how other professionals have done it. It will help inspire curiosity and attract engagements. #beaconofhope
If you had to change your title, what would it say and why? Read the article and see how other professionals have done it? It will help inspire curiosity and attract engagements. #beaconofhope
How would identify yourself on the scale? Are you the coach that sticks to good old processes and procedures? Or are you the coach who has adapted to the new more modern coaching? The ’New Normal’ requires new thinking and no time better to reflect and adapt than now.
Pecanwood Country Club generated ZAR 20.000 in just 3 days. The Special Mail below generated the outcome alongside a very engaging and proactive team. Let us help you achieve the same.
Do you know where your members fall on this graph? More importantly, do you know where they want to be on the graph? If you do, creating the correct journey for individuals should be easy… check below and become the expert guide your members and golfers are looking for.
'Operation 36', ’She Loves Golf´, and ’Stepping Stones’ are all highly successful programs but why? They have a clear and concise message and outlines the journey. Do you have that? Read more below to find out.
This pandemic has caused lots of uncertainty, no clear vision for the future, and tons of worries. Behavioral scientists believe that human connection, active outreach, and local communities will be strong forces moving forward. Read below for more information.
As an industry, we are maybe facing the greatest opportunity ever. Parents, employees, families, juniors, retirees etc.; they ALL want human connections, they all want to have fun and they all want the fresh air and activity. Golf provides them all of the above. The only question that remains is: ‘are you ready’?
How would you answer if a parent asked you: ‘I have two children; six and eight; are they too young to get into golf?’ A question you might think is easy to answer, yet do you have the answer that turns you into the expert guide; a guide that parents want their children to be around?
If not, please look into it. The American Development Model will help educate you to become the expert guide for ALL golfers at ALL skill levels at ALL ages. Get your certificate and become an expert guide. A guide your members and golfers want to see.
EOGA is thinking outside the box. They are creating an opportunity for their members and golfers to teach a non-golfer the golf swing. 8 lucky winners will receive fantastic prizes. Watch the first video and read the full article! #beaconofhope
Listening has never been more important. Read below and become a better listener and generate more engagements.
Move from transactional relationships to lifetime relationships by encompassing a few human skills. Learn more and read the full article below.

Sell golf bags NOW!

Have someone film you going through ALL the features of the golf bag. Open all pockets and storage rooms etc… and then have them contact you to buy. It was an idea given to the NZ PGA Professionals a few weeks ago… they all said it worked, and one pro sold 12 bags in just 10 days!
An iron transaction should have a journey. Check below to see if you do it this way or if you could implement some of the ideas in your daily operations.
Is a purchase in the shop simply a ‘purchase’ or is it your opportunity to create a journey? In each transaction lies opportunities for you - but have you spotted the opportunities? Read below to get a better insight…

Golf Day Discount for Charities

A golf club in New Zealand is offering a Golf Day discount to any charity organization or initiative that contributes to local people impacted by the current crisis. They go above and beyond and care for their entire community. You can do the same and support your local community. #beaconofhope

Putting the member first

A club in New Zealand is running a #membersfirst program. Any member with a personal business that has been impacted by the lockdown, can use the club communication to remind members of their business at no advertising charge. A true #beaconofhope club that it putting the members first.
Now more than ever, our human skills are crucial. Building relationships, understand emotional intelligence, and engage with members or golfers. Please do yourself a favor and watch the webinar where Ian James, CEO at RetailTribe talks about human skills. Watch below …
Of course you are! Yet, do you focus on the objectives of being a successful guide and creating journeys for your golfers? Keep reading and position yourself as the expert guide. It will allow you to create a vibrant and active community. A #beaconofhope

Keeping a smile on her community

Dee McCullagh is sharing warm and safe stories to keep a smile on the faces of her customers. Every day she posts fun pictures of her community practicing social distancing and having fun on the golf course. Empathy, care and safety all at once. A true #beaconofhope
If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to let your membership and your golfers know that you are their expert guide, you are their servant leader. Establishing yourself as that person will allow you to take your club, your coaching, and your relationships with your golfers to the next level. Read below and become their expert guide.

Which bunker am I?

Here is a fun competition. Every day Alan White at Lanark Golf Club will take a picture of a bunker on the course. His community needs to guess which hole the bunker is on. He is keeping his community engaged and reminding them about their beautiful course.
’The New Normal’ requires new thinking resulting in new opportunities. This webinar will allow you to take a step back, think about how you do certain things and how to approach the future with an opportunistic mindset. Watch the entire webinar NOW.
Investing time in learning how to communicate the ‘why’ will be fruitful and help you build a vibrant, loyal, and connected community. Read another great tip for Thoughtful Friday below…

Adding NEW members during COVID

These difficult times don’t make it easier to add new members, yet it is possible and now is the perfect time. Follow up on old leads and build relationships. Matt Davis at Whangarei Golf Club has managed to add 2 new members. He built the relationship three months ago and has now managed to rekindle the communication and added 2 new members to his community.
A great example of how Somerset West Golf Club has created an at-home 18 hole fun competition including other fun challenges. Check the full article below.
Mark, an assistant professional at Eastlake GC, has been stuck in Thailand for 5 weeks. His story has been shared with the Eastlake GC community. The story generates an emotional connection and lots of fun! Storytelling is powerful and sharing personal stories from within your community will elevate the activity and engagement; a vibrant community. Start sharing your personal stories.
You just need 3 coins and a putter. Check out this simple drill below from Kyle Schumacher at TPC River’s Bend.
If you haven’t already, now is the time to create your introduction video. It will help inspire and connect you with your community. Check below ‘how’ we suggest you create your own introduction video.
Ali Orchard from Surfers Paradise in Australia just created a memory for life for her student! Her student broke 80 for the first time ever after a single online lesson with her. You can do the same for your community. Create unforgettable memories, yet more importantly, loyalty. #beaconofhope

Read the full newsletter below. It is very inspirational!
Matt Schofield is a #beaconofhope. One simple question on his Facebook page created 36 responses. 36 opportunities to engage. The next day he asked another; “How many people play golf in your bubble?” 38 comments… It can be this simple. Check his Facebook page below!
Have you created your video for your members yet? The last component is the promise of a better future. A better ’new normal’. Read the full article for detailed information on how to create your video for your community. Be a #beaconofhope
Morne Botha at Pecanwood Golf and Country Club took his shop to his house and went 'LIVE'. He went through every item from the shop and explained the benefits of how it will make someone play and feel better. This virtual method resulted in sales they wouldn't have received otherwise.
The professional team at Lanark GC has included their community in a fun weekly questionnaire. This week the golfers had to pick their favorite hole and next week is about which hole is the toughest… It keeps the conversation going. Read the full article below...
Using the correct techniques in your communication will drastically boost your commitment and conversion rate. Watch the video and learn ‘All about the WHY’. The 'new normal' requires a new way of thinking.
Michael Henning started sharing inspirational ‘at-home’ golf videos for his golfers. In just 2 weeks he has had more than 3442 views. 3442 opportunities to engage and connect with his community. A true #beaconofhope.

Watch the video and check his YouTube channel!
Check below how a ladder and a little space can help your golfers improve their chipping and generate coaching leads for you.
Would it be the alcohol that attracted your ladies or gentlemen to join an introductory program, OR is it the subliminal understanding that barriers would be dropped and fun connections easier to make? Read more below…
With a creative mindset, anything is possible. Check below how members are staying active at home while enjoying a good laugh. Stellenbosch GC is sharing positive and inspirational stories to connect and socialize their membership. #beaconofhope
How do you communicate with your members, your community? Is it a video, is it text and what do you say? Read more below…
It can be fun, engaging and inspiring all at once. Check below to see how Trevor Goplin at the Derrick Club does it.
A phone, 1 minute and a personal message that you care and miss your golfers. Sometimes that is all that’s needed to stay engaged with your community during these difficult times. Check out this video from Cam Jones, a PGA professional in New Zealand. He is a #beaconofhope.
How would you influence parents to introduce golf to their children? We have listed the 'common' communication and our suggested communication. Please take a look and decide for yourself. How you are going to communicate moving forward? Read the full article below…
How would you introduce yourself to a stranger? Would it be along the lines of: 'I am PGA coach with 5 years experience’ or would it be something different? Read more to find out how to effectively communicate and gain more influence over your customers.

Online raffle to support staff

Watch the video below to see how the Director of Golf at Stellenbosch GC, Louis Destroo, hosted their online raffle. The main prize; membership for a year. Simple and effective, yet EXTREMELY engaging and a great way to raise money for the staff.
Building stronger golf communities is much more than just golf. It is about being real and being authentic. Watch the video and read the full article to see how the GM at Kloof Country Club herself, Pam Mayberry, created a virtual bake-off in her community. #beaconofhope
Golf course maintenance can be difficult during these times, yet Paarl Golf Club had an idea. They allowed their membership to take care of their golf course. More exactly, how they can adopt a green. Read the full article below...
Who said golf had to be 4-5 hours and 18 regular holes? Read more for thoughts and ideas for how ’the new normal’ could look like…
I start to wonder: why would anyone go to the gym before or after work, when they could get 45 minutes in, hitting golf shots and having fun with a few friends while exercising? Read the entire article below…
Neil Marr is showing you how online coaching can be done. He provides professional guidance to his community for a small fee and donates half to the Intensive Care Unit. A true #beaconofhope for his community. You can do the same. Read the full article below...
All you need to do is; design the game, highlight the rules and share the challenge. Let the fun at home begin. Read more below…
Southbroom is engaging their entire community by sharing memories, family pictures, and golf tips - the feedback they have received has been overwhelming. Furthermore, they are promoting small communities within the Southbroom community; highlighting how supermarkets are supporting with fresh meals and take-aways to make shopping easier. #beaconofhope
In difficult times, we come together, even if it is online! Randpark Club is hosting a ‘Virtual Captain’s Charity Draw’ where 50% of the entrance fee will go to charities and the other 50% will be divided between the lucky winners from their community. Engaging, inspirational and fun. #beaconofhope
As a collective group, you have to be impressed with the innovation shown by many PGA Professionals in this challenging time. We don’t know how our 'new normal' will look like, yet should we think about carrying this innovation forward? Let’s reimagine the future and be the next generations #beaconofhope
Easter will be different this year. However, at TPC River’s Bend they are still in the Easter spirit. Every day they are going to post a picture and are having a virtual egg hunting competition. The member who finds the most ‘online eggs’ at the end of the week, wins.
Golf bowling can become your next quarantine game. Not only is it fun for the family at home, but it allows you to check up on their putting stroke.
If you could influence 50 golfers to play more golf once this pandemic is all over, how would that influence your business? Read the articles from the entire week and see how you can become a #beaconofhope and connect with your community.
Yesterday we asked you to consider three different retail packages for home setup: Basic, Gold and Platinum. But what if there was something to add to make it even better?… read the full article below

The newest picture of the day

Alan White at Lanark GC has started a movement. Every day he is posting a picture of what his members can look forward to when they return. The newest picture is with seven of his members and the Ryder Cup trophy.

It will remind everyone about WHY they are a part of the Lanark GC community and offer everyone the opportunity to send THEIR best photo of the club. #beaconofhope

Quarantine Webinar Series

Garret and Gideon at Skokie Country Club are bringing some positivity into their golfers' homes. They are starting a webinar series with the first one being on Saturday. They are going to debunk putting myths and reveal truths.

Additionally, they will record it and send it to all members afterward
Continuing our thoughts on how to monetize your relationship with 50 golfers… read the article below to pick up ideas. #beaconofhope
Another fun challenge by Tim Hall. All you need is a bucket and a bit of space. As an incentive, the winner receives a nice prize..
Here's another great challenge that’s fun and exciting. All you need is 1 ball, 5 tees, and a carpet or mat. A 'live' leaderboard as well… Check the video below.
How many golfers could you get into a subscription model? Read the article for more information and what you could include... Be a gamechanger and your community’s #beaconofhope

Turn your restaurant into a Marketplace

With operation being shut down and closed, if your facility is still allowed to support and sell groceries; why not create your own little marketplace? It will bring your members back to the clubhouse. Additionally, it will symbolize empathy and promote that you care for your members. Be your community’s #beaconofhope
USKids Golf Academy at Balmoral Woods has designed a creative contest for their junior golfers. Check the video below to see how they stay connected with their juniors and families. Let your juniors have fun and start a contest yourself. #beaconofhope
Bill Abrams is going ‘LIVE’ online. Bill is utilizing the broadcast system to promote his online live clinics to stay connected. He had 100 golfers tune in over the weekend. Bill is a #beaconofhope in his community; you can do the same.
Coaching, retail, member rounds, member spend and retention; how much influence do you have over these categories with a golfer?
If you are managing the journeys of just 50 golfers, then you are
managing (in the US) at least 5 million dollars worth of customer asset value. Think about that...
Graeme Whale @ the Golf Whisperer has launched his 20 Day Golf Program. Each day has a different theme and it will allow the members to engage with Graeme for support or guidance. #beaconofhope
Metropolitan Golf Club has embraced storytelling. A weekly comical story from the members themselves will be shared with their community to share positivity and joy during these difficult times. You can do the same!

Click below to see exactly how they have done it…
Las Colinas Country Club has taken the extra step to become the beacon of hope in their community. Family Packages To-Go are now available. Click on the link below to watch how they do it! Be your community's beacon of hope and support your members / golfers during these difficult times.
A transaction might get you $20 NOW. But building a relationship can get you $100,000 over a lifetime. Put the customer first. Figure out WHAT THEY WANT. That’s the REAL transaction.

Read the full article below…
One engagement with a golfer is NOT a ‘Journey’. A'Journey' is for LIFE… read the entire article on how you become the expert guide in your community.
For the juniors in your community - they will love this idea and be able to spend hours practicing! Share this with your community and be the #beaconofhope. Read the article to see how exactly to run this…

Be in it to win it - putting contest

Richard Conwell at Shorewood Country Club has started an ONLINE contest. If anyone from his community can make 10 putts IN A ROW from 5 feet and catches it all on video - he will award them with a sleeve of golf balls.

Even the smallest gesture will have an enormous impact during this time and on top of that, it will make your golfers better putters!
Can your golfers still drop their clubs off or could you even do a social safe distance lie angle check? Read the entire article below...
Michael Balderstone from Balderstone Sports Institute is showing his community how to train from home. You can do the same. Be the Beacon of Hope in your community and help your golfers get ready for the season. Read Michael's special mail below...

Game Night and Golf

Who said a family game night and indoor golf couldn’t be combined? Phillip Eyre has done just that! He has provided the idea of how to play the beloved Tic-Tac-Toe using a golf ball and a putter! Additionally, he has asked his community to share family pictures from their game night so the entire Hollow Brook Family can stay connected and socially engaged in these difficult times.

Be the Beacon of Hope in your community and spread the joy.
Experience how effective and caring a personal call from you, their professional, can be for your members. They absolutely LOVE it, yet you want to make sure you ask the right questions… read below and experience how it all started for Matt Anzalone, Director of Golf at Gainey Ranch Country Club, when he started asking the right questions.
Apart from Face to Face communication, storytelling is the most powerful marketing tool and no one does it better than Dale Hayes. In a time with no golf tournaments to report on, Dale is a Beacon of Hope to his readers and his community. He shares exciting golf stories that promote positivity and joy.

Take a look at his Golf Chat this week. Maybe even start your own?

Indoor Tips & Drills

Phil Eyre at Hollow brook Golf Club has started a series of indoor putting tips and drills with his community. A welcome distraction for his golfers during these difficult times.
Not allowed to have people at the Prizegiving? No problem! Kevin at Pecanwood does it over video. Check out his innovative and FUN way of presenting it.
There is no better time to build strong and loyal relationships. Relationships have an impact on retention and activation as long as you reach out to the 'correct' people. To find out who they are… read below. Be proactive, take control, now is the time.

Let's get creative… DIY Home Holes!

DIY and create a hole in your garden or home. Promote the short game and share a few tips on how to become a short game wizard - it will inspire your members and golfers to create a hole themselves and start practicing. Promote the opportunity for online short game programs and classes in order to support your community.

The communication to your community could be: 'Let's see how creative you can get and send me a video of your ‘home’ short game?'

We all still want to see it drop…

Have you all seen the cups being lifted out the hole and when you touch it it’s considered holed? Imagine you are about to get your first hole-in-one and that happens… Devastating for the golfer!

Mount Edgecombe Country Club suggested this simple idea to help the courses that are still open. Cut a piece of PVC pipe and place the flagstick through it. The ball still drops in the hole but it makes it much easier to pick the ball out with only two fingers.

Is there a better time to clean your clubs?

Some, or in worst-case scenario, ALL of your golfers and members might be stuck at home. What better time to give their clubs a proper clean & polish. Why not shoot a video on how to best clean a club (see example above)? Afterward, ask your community to share a pic of their shining clubs and grips and in return, you’ll give them a free lie angle check.

An easy way to keep engaging with your community in these difficult times.

Keep engaging… even when your course is closed.

Jay Mull at St Clair Country Club keeps his members updated with frequent video updates. With the course being closed they took advantage of doing some maintenance work. Jay simply shares those course updates in quick 2 minute videos.

Short videos keep your members & golfers engaged and inspired to hit the course when it opens.

Daily Shop Specials

Send a broadcast every day with a different offer. Members & golfers can then email you to buy the item and you put it aside for them to pick up when the club opens again. It keeps the cash flow going and creates an online shopping experience.
Is your shop closed or very low on customers coming to the shop? Create a page ONLINE with all your items so people can enquire about it whilst sitting at home. Michael Henning at Worthing Golf Club did just that. Take a look here.

Walking Leagues

John Barret at TPC Sugarloaf is introducing a daily 9-hole Walking League. Everyone that comes out and walks 9 holes during the day can hand in their scorecard with their score. He has a daily leaderboard and a running order of merit.

Beat the Cabin Fever

Communicate with your golfers that your practice facilities are open and that it is a good idea to come out and work on their game during this time. You can also offer time frames when you or your coaches will be on the practice ground to provide tips.
Kyle Morris at The Golf Room in Ohio is ahead of the curve. First of all, go follow 'The Golf Room' on Instagram and Facebook. His ideas are innovative and it’s all about the customer.
A brilliant idea is ‘FaceTime me coaching’. Watch it below.
Nick Muller is a beacon of hope at The Country Club of Lincoln. Posting a short video like the below to explain the current situation at the club, showing the golf course is a safe place to be, makes all the difference to the community.

If you any ideas, stories or innovative initiatives that you would like to share with other Golf Clubs and Professionals around the world, we would love to hear from you. 

Let us support each other and get through this together.